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The Team

Gabriele Mircoli Gabriele Mircoli, BA (Hons) grew up in the Le Marche area of Italy before moving to London where he was an independent financial adviser and ran a very successful business for 20 years. In June 2005 he decided to return to Italy and concentrate on promoting southern Le Marche both to the public wishing to buy property and to businesses considering moving into the area.

email gabriele@miacasamarche.com
tel +39 346 0151581
Luca Mircoli Luca Mircoli, an experienced geometra. His reputation is as a perfectionist and as someone totally dedicated to what he does. He is well qualified as a consultant to Mia Casa Marche, covering all aspects of project management and providing advice. He has controlled many projects, specializing in farmhouses and townhouses. He can oversee any project from start to finish and collaborate with any other technical experts as needed.

email luca@miacasamarche.com
Mariangela Cavallo Mariangela Cavallo, Avvocatessa. She is a highly experienced lawyer and provides the legal services for Mia Casa Marche. She is instrumental in ensuring a smooth progression through the legal aspects of the transaction. Her work ethics and well researched advice are much appreciated and sets her apart.

email mariangela@miacasamarche.com

Mia Casa Marche is dedicated to providing an individual and personalised service that is focused on the exact needs of the client. At Mia Casa Marche we are driven by integrity, quality and professionalism, all of which are delivered to the highest possible standards throughout the entire property buying process. Whether you are looking for renovated properties, farmhouse restoration projects or even fancy opening a B&B in Italy we are your first choice for professional support.
We are a small team comprising of both Italian and UK nationals. We work in collaboration with highly experienced legal services, surveyors, architects and engineers to provide you with the very best services available.
At Mia Casa Marche the assistance doesn’t just stop at the property sales. We pride ourselves on being able to help you with those little touches that turn a new home in to a dream life.
We are not satisfied until our clients are 100% satisfied.

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