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After more than two years of searching for a residence in Italy through various agents, we finally came in contact with Gabriele Mircoli a truly independent property consultant. This was a person with the ability to understand Northern-European behaviour and culture, and at the same time having an extensive knowledge about the residential market especially in Le Marche area. With his combined abilities, we finally ended up with a beautiful Pallazzeto in the old town of Grottammare.
We certainly …

Endre & Unn Magda EspesethHyggen (Norway)

I was ready to pack my bags and return to Scotland, leaving my dreams of retiring to Le Marche in tatters.
I had spent three weeks in Italy at the mercy of many agents or property finders who ignored what I wanted or my budget – their only objective was to sell me something that they wanted to be taken off their property list. I was tired of being shown homes the total opposite of what I wanted and most definitely out of my budget. Did nobody listen to my requirements? I had certainly spent ma…

Hazel AlvesScotland (United Kingdom)

Mr. Gabriele Mircoli, a native of Grottammare, Le Marche province, in Italy, has served for me as an advisor in an acquisition of real estate in Le Marche during 2011-2012.
I met Mr. Mircoli for the first time in July 2011, when he investigated in great detail our needs and wishes as well as the market situation in the area we were interested in. He also explained to us in great detail the formalities and expenses relating to a real estate acquisition in Italy. During several months in 2011, Mr.…

Kari MattiEspoo (Finland)

After visits to Toscane and Umbria I came more or less by accident to Le Marche. For several years I had in mind to retire in Italy after having lived most of my life in France, and right from the beginning I liked this part of Italy.
So I started to get in touch with real estate agents in this part of Le Marche and visited several apartments and houses. As I had not made up my mind of what I wanted exactly I took my time.
Then one day at home in France I found a business card and decided to co…

Hans StoelOffida (Italy)

Our dream had always been to have a house in Italy. Having downsized (the children had all left home) we felt our dream was a step nearer. We did the usual things: go to exhibitions; got books about buying in Italy; researched on the internet and finally decided on a area to look at in more detail. Next we booked to see a number of properties in Abruzzo. We looked at few but did not get the feeling that any of the properties were exactly what we wanted, they either had no view, were too large, t…

Carol & Gordon KisbyColcester (United Kingdom)

Having experienced two failed contracts with Italian builders renovating my house (both of whom took money and never completed all the work as or when agreed) I was questioning why I even wanted a house in Italy in the first place! Then through a friend I was introduced to Gabriele of Mia Casa Marche . Gabriele and his brother Luca who is a Geometra, were charming to deal with and sat down with me drawing out a clear plan and schedule to finish the pool, garage, some landscaping and all the re…

Niall DyerSuffolk (United Kingdom)

Like a lot of people when looking for an Italian property, we first thought of Tuscany. However a good friend told us about the relatively unknown Le Marche and also about Gabriele Mircoli of Mia Casa Marche.
We were astounded by the beauty of Le Marche and decided that this was where we wanted to buy and also, after meeting Gabriele, that he was the best person to help us. His patience, help and advice were immeasurable and although it took some time, he found us exactly the right home. It is a…

Ziva and Anthony PrattLondon (United Kingdom)

We have known Gabriele Mircoli for the past four years and we have always found him to be helpful and willing to explore options for the best outcome for us and our property in Le Marche.
We had owned our house for a year when we needed to have some roof repairs done. It soon became evident that it was going to be a bigger job than originally envisaged.
Gabriele arranged for us to meet his brother, Luca, who is an experienced geometra. We asked Luca to take on the role as our geometra and mana…

Hugh and Helen JohnsonEssex (United Kingdom)