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Sell your property

Mia Casa Marche is an ideal way to sell your property in Italy, especially in Le Marche. Actually we are the choice of hundreds of property sellers, but if it is not enough we can give you at least four reasons to trust us.

Large Potential Market
As an independent property consultant we have an extensive range of associated property agencies at our disposal, hence providing a large source of potential buyers from Italy, Europe and the rest of the world. By using us therefore, with your permission your property can be advertised by various relevant agencies that deal with different clientele in different countries.

Expanding the Horizons
Up until recently the main market for Italian properties has been in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands but it is becoming apparent that the Scandinavian countries, as well as Russia, are increasingly interested in property in Le Marche. We have been therefore taking steps in recent years to create strong links there and will carry on with this path to further increase your potential market. We may well be the only company in southern Le Marche to have taken these steps.

Marketing your Property
As we mostly deal with buyers and sellers from outside Italy, we are in a position to give you expert advice on marketing your property to appeal to these differing marketplaces. Buying requirements and expectations do vary from country to country and it is essential to ensure your property is marketed to generate the most interest.

Technical and Legal Advice
In our experience, sales can sometimes fall through or be faced with lengthy delays because in most cases the necessary technical and legal paperwork is incomplete. Our team provides a free check to ensure all the documentation required for the sale is available. If the check shows there are missing papers we can provide legal and technical advice and an indication of the costs required to procure these documents.