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Ascoli Piceno

One of Italy’s loveliest cities and capital of the province. It is only minutes away from the imposing Sibylline Mountains and the stunning safe and sandy beaches of the Palm Riviera.
It is small enough to be friendly yet large enough to be somewhat intimidating in its beauty. It has a skyline that bristles with towers, steeples and spires. Many of the cities houses, churches, palaces and pavements have been built from the beautiful milky white Travertine marble. The Piazza Arringo houses the principal museums, the Bishop’s Palace, Town Hall and Cathedral whilst the Piazza del Popolo is one of the prettiest squares in Italy and is known as ‘the drawing room’ – it is here the town parades itself in the evening ‘passeggiata’ – everyone wanting to see and be seen. Ascoli Piceno is a gem that should not be missed.