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Buying Procedure

One of Mia Casa Marche’s main assets is its total commitment to making the purchase process as easy and painless as possible. Below is a brief explanation of the various steps involved but a fuller explanation will obviously be given once the ideal property has been found.
A typical buying procedure of an italian property consists of two phases:

1. Preliminary contract (“Preliminare”):

Once a verbal agreement has been reached a preliminary contract of sale is drafted. This document certifies that the interested parties have agreed on a price and it details exactly what it is being purchased. This document is legally binding for both parties. At the moment of signing this contract a deposit is paid (usually not less than 10% of the purchase price). An agreed percentage of Mia Casa Marche’s fee is also paid.

2. Completion – contract of purchase (“Il Rogito – Atto Pubblico”):

In order for the ownership of the property to pass from vendor to purchaser there has to be a public document. This is an indispensable legal matter in Italy and has to be carried out by a Public Notary. The Notary stipulates this act and collects the taxes due on the transaction.  The Notary is a government official who ensures that everything is in order for the sale to go ahead and makes sure that everyone understands what is being bought and sold having previously verified what taxes and dues, if any, have been paid or that burden the property. The document is signed and stamped by the parties and the Notary who will then register the new ownership. Upon signing the balance owed on the property is paid by the purchaser together with the taxes and the Notary fees. The remainder of Mia Casa Marche’s is also paid at this time.