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Frequently Asked Questions

How shall I start my property search?

Have a look at the properties on our website and when you decide which properties you like, send us an email with any questions you might have about the properties using the “contact us” form. For viewings you need to arrange a trip to Italy and let us know: we will then set the necessary appointments. You can also ask us any other questions that you have: we’re here to help you!

Why Le Marche and not Tuscany?

Everyone has heard of those gorgeous rolling Tuscany hills and for that reason you will find Tuscany can be very expensive. It can be packed with tourists and give the impression of a theme park and therefore may completely ruin the romantic image of Italy you currently hold. You won’t find that problem with Le Marche. Also, the weather in northern Tuscany is hugely influenced by the Appenine mountains which often leads to very cold and wet winters. Le Marche shares a regional border with Tuscany but has the benefit of being further south.

What personal documents are necessary for purchasing a property?

In order to complete the purchase deeds it is necessary to have a fiscal code, the Italian equivalent of a “national insurance” number, a valid passport and an Italian bank account.

What taxes am I liable for?

If you are only going to use your property in Italy as a holiday home, there will be two different taxes that you need to pay. The amount will differ from town to town. The first is called I.C.I. (similar to the council tax in the UK) which will be based on the size and type of property. The second is called T.A.R.S.U., which is charged for the disposal of rubbish. If you decide to move permanently to Italy there will be a list of other documents that you will need to obtain. We will provide you with explanations and help in acquiring any other documentation needed. If we feel and with your agreement that you need more specialised tax advice we will put you in touch with an accountant (commercialista).

What are the travel options from Le Marche like? I want my family and friends to be able to visit me easily.

Travel to and from Le Marche is easy. There are two airports nearby in Ancona and Pescara and also direct and affordable coaches to and from popular tourist spots such as Rome. Le Marche also offers ferry services to other countries such as Croatia, Turkey and Greece.
See our travel section under Le Marche for more details.